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Insider-information on annuities and structured settlements to improve your life circumstances in as little as 30 days!



If you need cash now and want to"sell my annuity," you may choose to sell all or part of your annuity. Selling annuities requires court approval, and we help you understand the process.

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Structured Settlements

Trying to find a way to "sell my structured settlement" to achieve your life dreams? Pay medical bills? Or send your kids to college? If you need cash now, we can help you.

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If you expect to receive a settlement from a personal injury or death lawsuit, you may be eligible to receive funds prior to your settlement being finalized. You don't need to wait for your money anymore.

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Insider-information on annuities and structured settlements which can greatly improve your life in as little as 30 days!


Got a personal injury?

If you have been involved in a personal injury case in the past, whether it be from an automobile accident or a work-related accident, you may have been given a structured settlement as part of your settlement with the defendant.


Want to cash out your structured settlement?

What you may not know if you have an option to cash out a part or your entire structured settlement into a lump-sum payment. There are limitations so we recommend you call our experts to have a free and confidential discussion of what would be best for you and your family. You can use our structured settlement calculator to figure out the approximate value.


Going through the financial stress?

Financial stress can be difficult on not only you but your family as well. Your significant other can feel it as well as your children. Your structured settlement could be the answer you are looking for.


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Rates & Fees

You're eligible to receive a free estimate of all rates and fees related to selling your annuity or structured settlement.

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Why Sell

You may sell your structured settlement or annuity to buy a business, pay of debt, improve your home, go back to school, for medical reasons, to buy a home, or more.

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There are many options which can get structured settlement and annuity owners into trouble. Hidden fees and lowball offers are all too common. Get a free quote and compare our offer to others to make sure you get the best deal.

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Selling Your Payments

Receiving payments over a long period of time might not be the best fit for your needs today. If a lump sum would benefit you more, contact us to see how much you could receive.

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