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Choosing Among the Top Structured Settlement Options

Many of the companies which seek to buy your structured settlements will not offer what your structured settlement is actually worth on the true open market. Instead, they will offer you far less, hoping to "confuse you" and take advantage of you.

A solid and respected structured settlement purchasing company will seek to first understand your financial situation and help you sell your structured settlement quickly and easily. They will also offer you the most cash value your settlement is worth.

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What Is A Structured Settlement?

A structured settlement is a financial arrangement created exclusively for injured people.

Maybe that's you?

Usually, these are given to settle personal injury lawsuits. Instead of the injured party receiving one total payment of the judgment, the injured party will receive monthly payments over a time period, usually ten, twenty or thirty years.

This arrangement starts when the claimant agrees to resolve a personal injury claim by agreeing to accept a settlement. Instead of receiving the one-time large payment, periodic payments are made on an approved schedule.

Structured settlements allow you to obtain monetary compensation for your injury but as a stream of tax-free payments adapted to meet future medical expenses and basic living needs.

If you are wondering, "Should I sell my structured settlement monthly payments?" Just keep reading, and you'll have a far better understanding of the process, and also listed are reviews of the top structured settlement companies.

The same will be true with annuity payments, they are just easier to sell.

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List of Structured Settlement Companies Buyers of Structured Settlements and Annuities

A trusted structured settlement buyer will discuss with you your needs and recommend a plan of action with your best interest in mind, which includes not just a fair offer, but the most cash you can get.

There should NEVER be any hidden fees or costs in the quote you receive. Remember, the money is yours, and sometimes only a lump sum of cash will help you reach your financial needs and goals that you have.

  • J.G. Wentworth
  • Stone Street Capital
  • Fairfield Funding
  • Client First Settlement Funding
  • Oasis Legal Finance
  • SenecaOne
  • CBC Settlement Funding
  • Novation Settlement Solutions
  • Axos Bank
  • Annuity Transfers Ltd.
  • DRB Capital
  • Liberty Settlement Funding
  • Singer Asset Finance

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Settlement

How do I sell my structured settlement or annuity?

Topic: Selling Your Structured Settlement

Have you ever asked yourself, "How can I sell my structured settlement?"

Whenever you want to get paid with one lump sum from your settlement you should study and evaluate your situation first and foremost. In some instances, you might only cash out just a part of it instead of the whole thing. Your decision will depend on your current financial needs.

Remember, don't just think of your needs right now, but consider your needs in the future as well.

Most purchasing companies will give you a free no-obligation quote.

How To Sell Your Structured Settlement:

  1. Step One: Get your structured settlement paperwork together
  2. Step Two: Research Companies To Sell To
  3. Step Three: Call 888-404-4242
  4. Step Four: Discuss your financial needs with the representative
  5. Step Five: Agree on the amount you want to sell
  6. Step Six: Receive your quote and offer
  7. Step Seven: Carefully consider the offer
  8. Step Eight: Complete the required paperwork
  9. Step Nine: Accept the offer
  10. Step Ten: A court date will be set for you
  11. Step Eleven: Legal counsel is assigned to represent you
  12. Step Twelve: Your case is heard before the court
  13. Step Thirteen: Get a favorable ruling
  14. Step Fourteen: Receive your money

See Also: sell structured settlement, future settlement payments

How much is my structured settlement worth?

Experts state it is nearly impossible to estimate what your settlement is worth in present value cash without having more information from you. This includes the type of settlement, the number of payments remaining, and the balance.

How Much Cash Do You Need?

If you are in sudden need of money and are looking for a lump sum payout, you should contact 888-404-4242 and get a free quote on what your payments are currently worth.

It's fast and free.

You might be seeking multiple funding offers, call to find out how much you can get.

What percentage does JG Wentworth get when they buy my settlement?

According to Consumer Reports, the fees JG Wentworth (known as a structured settlement company) charges are often referred to as the "effective discount rate." This can include all costs and generally ranges from 9-15%, and sometimes more, of the amount of your settlement. It is highly suggested that you read the reviews and take careful consideration when choosing a company to handle the sale, as you may end up with less cash than you planned on.

Can you cash out a structured settlement?

This can be both easy and effortless with the right help, all you have to do is call 888-404-4242. It is worth your time to understand your options and the amount of cash you could be getting.

What you are looking for is a factoring company, also known as buyers of structured settlements to help you. Knowing the real future value of your payments can help you get your money sooner.

The way the process often works is your contract settlement is reviewed along with the reasons and circumstances why you need to liquidate your account.

You are then given a free quote for what your structured settlement is worth in today's dollars and how much you'll get from it as a lump-sum payment. This process is often called "intend to purchase structured settlement."

Once you decide to proceed, the agent can provide you with an instant cash advance, usually up to $2,000.00, also called a pre-settlement advance, to help you through any immediate financial needs while you get approval for the sale and receive your full payment.

Topic: sell my settlement

Who buys structured settlements?

Usually, third-party companies (located in the United States), also referred to as factoring companies or structured settlement companies can buy structured settlements. They buy them as future investments, allowing the injured party to get a cash-out lump sum amount. This can also be referred to as purchasing life contingent payments.

A structured settlement purchaser is often an investor. The injured party, who currently holds the structured settlement must go before a judge for approval since it was initially a legal settlement. The process for purchasing structured settlements averages between 4-6 weeks total. Also known as buying structured settlements or structured settlement buyer.

If you are unsure if your reason for wanting to sell and get the cash lump sum for your structured settlement or annuity will be properly accepted by the judge, then you should definitely call us and speak to one of our representatives for more details. We can help you to understand what the court could be considered in your case, and also help you make the decision of whether or not to sell your future payments is the right choice.

When selling, a good company focuses on:

  • has a legitimate interest in your financial stability
  • apply market research to reach correct value and worth
  • if a parent company exists, it is disclosed up-front
  • generate audience insights
  • offer guaranteed income
  • provide an up-front cash option
  • deferred annuities
  • issues that could affect browsing data 
  • filing paperwork including court documents
  • full disclosure of fee structure
  • consult on medical malpractice
  • familiar with all state laws surrounding buying settlements
  • best price guarantee for your total settlement (not just match competitor's offer, but beat it)
  • great customer service
  • not selling your personal data

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Tip: Secrets of Selling a Structured Settlement

Can you take out a loan on a structured settlement? How are structured settlement loans handled?

It is also often asked, "Can I borrow against my structured settlement?"

Technically you can, but it isn't called a loan. Instead, you would sell a portion of your account or the entire account. Cost-wise, it is your best option to sell a part of it.

Call 888-404-4242 to be guided through the process, have your current financial situation analyzed and advise you on the best amount to sell.

The key is to get cash now but still have a secured financial future. That is what is most important, protecting your financial future for you and your family.

What are structured settlement purchasers / brokers?

They can arrange for a structured settlement to be paid in a lump sum to the claimant who was injured. These are also referred to as factoring companies,  structured settlement companies or structured settlement brokers.

Note: when you are selling structured settlements it is vital to do your homework and pick the right company (also known as a factoring company).

Tip: You don't have to sell your entire account, you can instead sell part of your structured settlement.

"I have a structured settlement and I need cash now!" - Can you help?

Topic: Selling Your Structured Settlement

If you receive periodic payments, you may be entitled to a lump-sum payment.

You aren't alone; many people are frustrated with their current financial situation. After all, it is YOUR money, and you have the right to get it in a lump sum if you wish. Don't forget; you don't have to cash out your entire settlement, you can choose to have a portion of it in cash and continue to receive monthly payments.

Reminder: sell a structured settlement cash is a process where you will need help from a trusted company. Make sure you properly research the right company to help you.

Some of the leading companies that you can sell a structured settlement to are:

JG Wentworth

Fairfield Funding

DRB Capital

Stone Street Capital

Some of the reasons you may want to sell structured settlement payments / selling annuity payments, that may apply to your situation may include:

  • Large debts (hospital bills, home repair bills)
  • Education (including yourself, your children, or a close family member}B
  • Buying a house.
  • Buying a car.
  • Starting a business to regain your independence

Selling all or some of your future annuity payments may be less costly than taking a 401(k) loan or IRA withdrawal. Be sure to speak with your qualified financial advisor to compare options for your cash flow and immediate needs. 

See Also: Selling My Annuity. Structured Settlement Payment Rights

Can you get money from a settlement early?

If your current payments are just not covering your mounting bills, you can sell your settlement for a lump-sum of cash. The process is easier than you think. Just think about what you could do with a lump sum payment.

Getting started is easy.

Call 888-404-4242 and the process to get your structured settlement payout can begin. But, a word of advice, don't sell structured settlement payment annuities without a solid plan. You are probably in the financial hardship you are in right now because you didn't have a plan. This time, make a smart financial plan with your payments in exchange for your hardship with your injuries. Your long-term financial needs will thank you.

Know the key differences, how the process works, and why you should call us first. We can discuss all of your selling options. In most cases, we can provide options you didn't realize were available.

Some of the reasons you may need the money:

  • pay for medical care
  • college tuition to finish your degree
  • payment amounts are too small and it seems like less money

Topics: structured settlement and annuity, punitive damages

What is the discount rate?

There are two ways you can look at the "discount rate."

First, the discount rate is the amount a company charges to "cash you out" your structured settlement. The discount rate is often between 8-14% of your current balance, not your original balance.

The second is the discount rate is the worth of your future payments in today's dollars. Due to inflation and other factors, $1 today is worth $1 one year from now.

There is a lot that goes into the selling process of a structured settlement and doing it the right way so your best interests are looked after. There are many factors which go into this process. Call 888-404-4242 to see how much you can get. You could be much more comfortable than you thought and get more money than you expected.

Do you work directly with insurance companies to get my money?

No. A judge has to sign off on selling your payments from your structured settlement. Why? Because a judge was involved in creating or the ordering of the creation of your settlement. Once approved, the legal process takes place. He or she will determine if selling will better your life. Once the judge approves the transaction, the insurance company that has been paying you releases the money to the factoring company, and then you are paid.

There is virtually no risk in selling your payments.

How are structured settlement sales generally paid out?

Are you asking, "How fast can I get my cash for my structured settlement"? Then you've come to the right place. Generally, payments in personal injury cases are lump-sum payments. This means that the defendant makes one payment to you to settle the matter.

Of course, this is dependent upon the insurance company which is responsible for the payout. This company may choose a lump sum option, or it could defer to payments over 10, 20, or 30 years.

There are different payment options, they are known as a future income stream for the plaintiff, regular payments that will be available throughout the years and involve lifetime payments. Some people might need to cash out earlier than the stipulated payment time. 

Tip: Selling your future structure settlement payments is a solid option to solve your problems and we can take care of your needs. Just call the number below.

If this is what you are looking to do, call 888-404-4242 to review your options, including possible financial advice per your current situation.

Note: Workers Compensation payouts are NOT the same as a structured settlement.

How long will it take to convert all my payments into cash?

Giving you an exact timeline this transaction is not possible without having reviewed your case and studied what kind of payments you own. This is especially true since this purchase depends on the individual court approval in your jurisdiction.

Generally, sales transactions take four to six weeks from the moment your contract and documents are received; the court hearing is what takes more time during this process. Keep in mind, the professionals will work diligently and adequately to obtain approval to purchase your payments as quickly as possible.

Important Note: Selling the full value of your annuity contract liquidates your asset. This eliminates all future income payments being sent to you.

How much money will I get when I sell my structured settlement?

There's no one set amount for selling structured settlement payments; each person receives a sum depending on many different factors. For example the amount of the initial settlement, the frequency of payments, the needs of the client and how fast they need to get their cash, the nature of the settlement, and the particular needs of the client.

Each purchase is customized differently which means that rates might change from one customer to another, although it can be assured that the most affordable fees in the market are offered.

Please call the phone number: 888-404-4242 for a free estimate and start the purchase process today to get trusted and reputable structured settlement buyers.

Note: If you are on a fixed income, please let the representative know so the offer can be structured to ensure your monthly needs will be met.

Search: sell their structured settlement the right way without getting ripped off

See Also: payment rights in selling structured settlement payments

Why is court approval necessary when selling my structured settlement?

Before you can sell settlement payments, you must follow the current laws in your state. Most states have set a requirement that you obtain a court order approving the assignment of structured settlement payments to the structured settlement company you are selling to. The main reason for this law is to protect your interests and let you know that the transaction is legal, secure, and private.

To protect your rights each state has different laws to allow you to sell your structured settlement properly. This is known as The Federal Structured Settlement Protection Act (SSPA) of 2002). This gives every American the right to sell if they need cash due to unforeseen circumstances. The federal government calls the process “structured settlement factoring transactions” under this law. In short, the sale of a structured settlement must be authorized in advance through a court order in the correct jurisdiction (meaning where you currently live). 

The judge also must verify that selling your structured settlement will help you avoid financial hardship.

Who owns the contract if I cash out a portion of my settlement?

You would still own the contract after selling just a portion of it. The company which purchased the piece would own the percentage obtained from you. If at a later date you decide to sell what remains of it then the company you sell it to would own the contract. You, of course, are given the cash compensation that you deserve.

What can I expect from the broker buying my structured settlement?

The broker should handle the entire process for you, including the court appointments and legal fees. Once you submit the required documents, the broker will be in the driver's seat and handle everything from that time forward. The broker should disclose all fees, including any discount rates pertaining to the transaction. The broker's main focus should be to help you get the most money from your settlement in cash.

Why would someone choose to sell?

This practice is prevalent, and it doesn't have to be a torturous process if you choose a company with years of experience and excellent brokers. This decision depends on the plaintiff's (your) needs and circumstances, since sometimes when a financial problem arises people need cash immediately. Yielding these gives the plaintiff (you) the opportunity to have some money for settlements to pay unexpected expenses or invest in other opportunities. It is your money and makes it work for you.

This can also include wrongful death lawsuits.

Will I regret selling later?

This is why it is important to have a plan for selling payments, even if it is just only a portion. To fully understand your financial situation now and in the near future. It would not make sense to sell your entire structured settlement if you won't be able to pay your bills in six months. However, if you are in need of immediate cash, then this is a choice which you may have to make.

You don't have to sell it all at once if you only need a determined amount of cash. Only you can decide if yielding it is the best decision for you, and the broker can provide advice to help you through the process and make the cash you need available to you in a timely fashion.

But selling your structured settlement is your decision and your decision alone. Give it a proper thought before making your final decision. Such a transaction for your settlement money, when completed, cannot be reversed. So make sure it is going to be the RIGHT decision for you, and also, having an expert to guide you through and handle all the paperwork is recommended as some settlements are taxable, which means you would owe a payment to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Do I have to sell all my settlement payments?

No, especially if you only need a portion of the money. You can choose a piece or the entire account; it depends on your needs. Generally, most people sell only parts of their payment stream. Whatever your choice, call 888-404-4242 to contact us and to start the process. A settlement annuity company can best assist you.

What are the requirements to sell my settlement?

Generally, most states have a Protection Act; this law allows you to exchange payments for a lump sum of cash if you meet these requirements:

  • You ought to give full disclosure about the financial terms of your sale.
  • You will have a period to think deeply about your decision once you signed the respective documents.
  • You have to attend a hearing where the judge of your jurisdiction considers and studies your case.
  • A court order approving your sale by the judge.

I sold a portion of my structured settlement already. Can I do it again?

Yes, you can. Even if you sold part of your payment stream elsewhere or at a previous time, you could still sell more if your financial needs warrant it. We'll kindly assist you to turn more of it into cash, call 888-404-4242 and start the process today.

When selling, does it matter how the structured settlement was designed?

No. The design of your settlement payments doesn't interfere with the selling process. Your structured payment can be designed to be paid weekly, monthly, semi-annually or annually. The design of these agreements are flexible. Your payments arrive on specific dates coinciding with your expenses to meet your needs. Regardless of the parameters, the frequency or size of the amounts, you can still sell your settlement payments at any given moment.

Your right to sell your payments was made available on January 23, 2002, by then US President George W. Bush. This was part of a massive federal tax relief bill for victims of the 9-11 attacks and the direct consumer protection for recipients of structured settlement payments.

If my family inherits my structured settlement, can they get the money from it in a lump sum?

Yes, your family could sell your future payments as long as you've set an identified beneficiary because any remaining guaranteed payments will be made to this person, for example, your child, spouse or grandchild, and only this person will have the legal standing to handle your account. Get a free quote by calling 888-404-4242 and figure out what's the best method of sale that your family could use in this instance, and get all of your questions answered.

Can I sell a structured settlement even if my case didn't involve physical injuries?

Yes, even if your case doesn't involve physical injuries, you can still cash in. This includes non-physical injury cases, such as property damage, environmental clean-ups, employment cases, and other legal claims.

Whether you were injured or not doesn't matter when it comes to a settlement. You have the right of selling this settlement at any given time.

Who are the best and most trusted structured settlement companies?

If you are looking for companies that buy out settlements, you should know that it can often vary from month-to-month. Rates change, markets change, companies change. For example, many companies in this industry, which for years were stable, are now in serious financial trouble. The Better Business Bureau has even found itself in hot water, and its rating system compromised as reported by ABC News' 20/20Time Magazine, and the New York Times.

What is a structured settlement loan?

For example, if you win a judgment due to a personal injury, such as a car accident. Or an accident at work where you received injuries which required medical attention and received a large settlement. Or if you won the lottery, won a worker's compensation lawsuit, you can get an advance on your pending settlement.


By getting cash now through a structured settlement loan. This would NOT include lawsuits that are in the class actions category, however. Some look at taking out a loan on your structured settlement as selling your future. In a way you are, but in reality, you are getting your money now and enjoying it now.

See Also: Structured Settlement Pros and Cons.

Can you help me cash out my lottery winnings?

Are you looking to sell lottery payments? If so, congratulations!

If you took monthly or annual payment for your lottery winnings, we may be able to assist you.

However, if you have just won the lottery, you will need to contact your state representative for further instructions on what to do to claim your winnings as there should be a future structured settlement created for you shortly.

How does JG Wentworth actually work?

The process of selling your annuity or structured settlement is essentially the same regardless of the broker or company you use. The real difference is the total cash you will receive, the fees you will pay, and how long it will take to get your money.

This is why it is important to take into consideration the factors which are most important to you (factoring company), who has your best interest at heart when making your decision and values customer service.

I'm looking for pre-settlement funding. Do you offer that?

Pre-settlement funding is offered by calling 888-404-4242 through a factoring company, also known as a structured settlement company. They purchase your future structured payments you will be receiving. This is sometimes called receiving cash advances. How quickly this can be done for you is dependent upon many factors. In order to get this done as quickly for you as possible, call 888-404-4242. 

What are the best annuity settlement companies?

Here are a few of the top factoring companies in the structured settlement space:

J.G. Wentworth

CBC Settlement Funding

Fairfield Funding

DRB Capital


What percentage do structured settlement companies take?

While the average tends to be around 10%, there are ranges between 9-18% across the market so make sure you do your homework when shopping for a company to sell your structured settlement payments to. Also, check to see what additional fees and taxes you may have to pay as well.

The market to buy structured settlements is a competitive one, so do your research and focus on working with a trustworthy company.

How much does it cost to sell a structured settlement?"

To be clear, if you have a settlement worth $100,000, you are not going to get $100,000 if you sell it. Because you are receiving monthly payments in the future, the present value of your settlement is a lot less than $100,000. 

To know what your settlement is worth in today's dollars, call 1-888-404-4242.

Which are the best structured settlement companies?

CBC Settlement Funding

JG Wentworth

DRB Capital

What Do I Need To Know About Structured Settlement Purchasing Companies?

It isn't as complicated as it sounds. Structured Settlement Purchasing Companies, which also go by names such as, factoring companies, annuity purchasing agents, future payment buyers, settlement purchasing companies, etc. specialize in making offers to structured settlement owners. They will give you a lump sum of cash right now, in exchange for all or a portion of your future payments.

These companies have operating costs and also want to make a profit, so right off the top they are going to work in their hard costs which are typically 9-18% of your settlement's worth. These costs include legal and administrative costs.

When performing the purchasing structured settlement process, you should contact a company that specializes in this type of transaction so you are properly represented in the transaction and assured it will be done correctly and within the parameters of the law.

Note: If the payments you are wishing to sell are from one or more wrongful death settlements, we can help.

If the structured settlement recipient has passed away, but the settlement payments are going to the beneficiary, there is a way you can sell them for a lump payment.  If you need money immediately, ask for a cash advance. This will be a partial payment of about $1,000 to hold you over until the process is complete. It can take up to three months to receive your lump-sum payment. 

Call us for more details and a plan to get you the cash you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Settlements

What are structured settlements? What is a structured settlement payment?

In short, a structured settlement occurs when an agreement is reached between the parties in a personal injury tort (which is a fancy term referring to a wrongful act committed by someone else who is at fault, or responsible, for the injury the occurred). In other words, your injury is due to the negligence of someone else, and that "someone else" can be either a person or a corporation.

Note: Structured settlements can be given for injury and wrongful death accidents.

Since a person or a corporation was at fault, and thus responsible for your injuries, you are entitled to monetary compensation. To summarize: you will be receiving a settlement. This settlement can be a large sum of cash in some cases through the legal process.

The settlement, however, is paid not as a lump sum, but through a payment schedule that is agreed to by both parties. For example, a one million dollar settlement paid monthly over twenty years would result in payments of approximately $4,167 monthly.

This is referred to as a structured settlement.

Insurance companies are more likely to settle for more money and a faster agreement when an offer of a structured settlement is made as there is less hit on their client financially, as compared with a large lump sum payment. (Factoring Companies). This is done with your best interest in mind, as most people are not good at managing large sums of money.

When you decide to sell your future structured settlement payments to a factoring company, they will best determine the overall present value of your remaining payments using a standard mathematical equation. This equation uses the number of years, interest rates as well as inflation rates to make that determination.

What is the difference between a structured settlement and an annuity?

Usually, a structured settlement covers a financial settlement to a personal injury case, or to a beneficiary in a wrongful death case. An annuity, as an investment tool, pays an investor a certain amount over a period, generally during the years of retirement. The two are often confused, but as you can see, they are vastly different.

Another way they are often confused is a reference to a structured settlement annuity company, and usually, this is actually referring to a Structured Settlement Annuity (SSA), which is an investment product that provides tax-free, periodic payments over a set period of time.

This should not be confused with selling structured settlement payments.

  • annuity calculator
  • options for selling your structured settlement
  • sale of your annuities account to a qualified buyer
  • settlement calculator
  • how to navigate the purchasing process
  • trusted structured settlement buyout

How does one get structured settlement payments?

This is a settlement agreement usually between an injured party and the insurance company of the party who was at fault and responsible for the injury suffered.

These are given to help those who have been a victim of the negligence of another person or entity (usually a company/corporation). The objective of these is to give financial resources to the victims by helping reimburse them for out-of-pocket expenses, as well as future costs that are a direct result of the incident or injury they sustained.

Some of these cases end up going to court, but the majority of the time these are settled out of court to avoid time delays and higher payouts. The insurance company would rather pay a higher amount over time through a structured settlement, than a lump sum payment.

How does the process of getting a structured settlement start, and how does it work?

This process starts with an agreement between the parties (the defendant and the plaintiff). The reason for the deal is to settle on paying the stipulated amount to the injured party. The balance is usually made in several payments as a way to properly match the plaintiff needs. The defendant (insurer) promises on the agreement to pay future periodic payments to the plaintiff. Making promises because of the personal injury damages in exchange for a release of a potential civil lawsuit is a wise move.

Once the plaintiff agrees to release the claim in exchange for the promise of the future payments, the defendant makes an assignment of his/her obligation to pay periodic payments to a third-party. This third-party is the assignee, the one that will assume the obligor role for the promised future payments.

In the future, if the plaintiff decides they want to get a lump sum payment instead of periodic payments, they can. It is recommended to research to find the best-structured settlement buyers available.

Should I accept a structured settlement?

Legal advice obviously cannot be given here, but the following will explain to you the options you have and you should discuss your situation with your attorney or financial advisor to make the proper decision for your unique set of circumstances.

You can consider a structured settlement in cases where you are victim of a personal injury or any other kind of legal dispute that might be resolved by paying you a certain amount of money to reimburse you for your troubles and expenses. Getting one not only means a quick solution to your legal dispute but it can also be a huge influx of cash in the future if you decided to sell your settlement. 

What negatives are there to structured settlements? Are they taxable?

No, structured settlements are not taxable.

With that understood, being excluded from an individual's federal and state income taxes and taxes on interest is why they are the preferred method of payment. These payments are exempt from many taxes, being the result of federal tax policy through the years. These tax benefits are why many people consider structured settlements. When you sell it, you won't have to pay a sum of your total in tax fees. That's smart investing.

It is recommended you seek the advice of a qualified professional who has your best interests in consideration before making any major financial decision.

What are the benefits to having and keeping a structured settlement?

These are a win-win for the parties involved since the plaintiff will be receiving an increased settlement sum that will be paid out over time and the annuity principal will gain interest that results in a higher settlement sum, and it's exempt of taxes which makes a very sound investment. You can even sell these later if you wish, which means you can sell us your settlement and get cash before the estimated payment time set by the court comes.

Are structured settlements good investments to keep?

In a word, yes they are because they provide you long-term peace of mind. Since you can match your future needs and goals with these periodic and scheduled payments, you can sleep better at night.

These are viewed as a safety net because their design is to meet any future demand. The best part of this is that you can cash out any time to a structured settlement company for its total worth, or a portion of it. Call 888-404-4242 to help you define the best way to get the most money to fulfill your financial needs.

Can I set up a flexible payment schedule?

Yes. The design of structured settlements is flexible for virtually any set of needs. A simple payment schedule can be set up to provide equal periodic payments, for example, every month for 15 years. Every payment doesn't have to be identical every time you receive it. When we speak of flexibility, we mean that your settlement can be appropriately suited to compensate you for a wide variety of injuries.

What happens if I die before the structured settlement stipulated period is over?

The agreement will continue until the stipulated time of payment is over, meaning that the payments will continue regularly until the agreed upon time period has ended. Payments will be made to your beneficiary if you've designated one, or your estate in case you die before assigning an heir or legal guardian of your settlement.

Why are structured settlements necessary?

Because they are an easy and an affordable way for people and/or insurance companies to pay a legal settlement. Injury claims can be worth massive amounts of money, and it's difficult for some people to pay out a settlement at all once.

A structured settlement divides the payment into periodic monthly or yearly amounts that can be paid steadily over time, which makes it easier to fulfill. If you have one but want to get all your money at once, you can sell us your settlement and get the quick cash today that you need.

Who decides how much my structured settlement monthly payments will be and what the payment terms are?

**All transactions must be approved by a court or a judge.**

The judge decides how much money you will be receiving and whether it will be a lump sum or a structured settlement. This is all done for YOUR protection.

The plaintiff and defendant decide the terms of payment together, it's usually an agreement that suits both parties, and the judge must approve this arrangement. Often, living expenses, medical bills, and other concerns are taken into account when trying to agree on payment terms that will be fair for both parties involved.

However, if you decide to use our services then you'll be assured that all terms of payment will be customized to fulfill your needs for quick cash flow, call 888-404-4242 to get a quote and get an advance on your settlement today.

Keep in mind that we also handle when you are ready to sell structured settlement payments.

How do I change my beneficiary for my settlement?

It's essential that you appoint a beneficiary for your account. This person will be the one who would receive your payments if something unfortunate happened to you. If you have a serious life change, for example, a marriage or divorce, you should look into updating your beneficiary.

There have been cases of nasty divorces, taking years to settle, but the beneficiary never changed. The husband dies and his former wife, not his current wife, received the settlement. Don't make the same mistake and always ensure the beneficiary is who you want it to be. If you decide to sell it and don't want the money placed in your name we can appoint a person of your choosing to be the recipient of the cash flow thus becoming the beneficiary for your sale.

If I was injured how would I benefit from structured settlement?

The best benefit you have is protection. Once your financial planning is approved by the judge and account adequately designed, you can rest assured you will be receiving on the stipulated dates your tax-free payments.

This will help to cover your financial needs. Structured settlements provide peace of mind and financial stability since their primary purpose is giving you a steady income for current and future needs. They can also be a source of instant lump sums of money if you decide to sell them. You can sell your settlement payments, and you'll receive immediate financial relief to cover unexpected expenses such as injuries, car trouble, home improvements and much more. Call 888-404-4242 to find out how to get the most out of your future payments.

Can a structured settlement be approved and designed for an injured minor?

Yes. If a minor is involved in a legal claim, it may be considered as a way to resolve the conflict. The court may decide to appoint a legal guardian to take charge of the structured settlement until the child involved reaches legal age.

To liquidate a settlement with these stipulations it's necessary to contact our brokers and have them estimate the validity of the sale and the time frame for the settlement process. You can get a free quote today and understand all the options you have and the rights of the minor involved by calling 888-404-4242.

Please check the internal revenue code to verify if you will owe taxes if you do cash out your account per state rules.

What are structured settlement annuities?

A structured settlement annuity and a structured settlement are essentially the same. It is a settlement that is paid monthly over an extended period of time, usually 10, 20, or 30 years. These are typically the same time periods in which annuities are set up.

Is Peachtree Financial Solutions reputable?

They are a part of a national association of structured settlement companies located in Chesterbrook, PA. They, along with their partners process personal data to meet the needs of many hard-working families to reach their financial goals through independent professional advice.

Some personal data can include actively scan device characteristics.

They don't handle personal injury claims or a personal injury lawsuit.

National Association of Settlement Purchasers (NASP). 

Associations of Settlement Purchasers.

Peachtree Financial Services.

What are Life Contingent Annuities?

These are generally set up as most annuities are: to provide long-term financial security. There can be a price guarantee placed and a dedicated representative to handle questions or changes through the time the annuity is held.

The settlement recipients should all be listed when the structure of the annuity is set up. Other companies, who set up structured annuities, may also include a financial planner with a solid reputation.

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